Soprano Patricia Racette Talks in Washington National Opera

"Especially at the beginning of my career," Racette explains when we chat at WNO's Maryland
rehearsal studio, "I liked doing a lot of different things. I can do a lot of different things, so why not do them? This idea really appealed to my creative and intellectual sense about this art form. I remember early conversations with various officials in the profession who cautioned me to let people see who I was, and I did consider myself 'nicheless' because, well, 'Don't box me in.' But I think my Puccini and my Janacek [Jenufa and Katya Kabanova] are where I'm most at home and where my abilities most easily flow out of me."


Susan Dormady Eisenberg: Soprano Patricia Racette Talks About Tosca as Washington National Opera Launches its Fall Season:

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  1. Como traduzco esto, porfi pongalo en español también.Olguita


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