Don't Forget to Return Thanks.

This Rockwell Thanksgiving painting was painted and published during World War Two.

This painting reminds us that there are many people in the world who would be grateful for any source of nourishment, physical and spiritual.
Rockwell shows a refugee in war-torn Italy being thankful for a serving of an American soldiers field rations, as well as thankful for his field jacket.
The meagerness of her meal contrasts visibly with the two turkey feasts shown on the next page. It is hard to imagine that the partakers in those feasts will be more thankful than this young World War II refugee.

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  1. Rockwell, pinto este cuadro, al termino de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y fue publicado en la portada World War Two, el representa una acción de dar acción por el termino de la guerra, da gracias por la paz espiritual y física que se ve venir por termino del conflicto bélico, es muy realista y muestra la paz y el dolor a la vez.Carmiña Durán


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