Como piensan los Artistas

Cartoonists, painters, sculptors and creative types in general look for inspiration wherever they can get it. Obviously for editorial cartoonists, inspiration comes from the daily news. There is no shortage of grist for our opinionated mills.

Not only is there a wealth of news to riff on, but we get to draw cartoons of public figures. I've taken drawn shots at plenty of politicos from presidents on down to local officials. 

So imagine my ever-widening smile when I opened my email this morning and found the bulletin alerting me to former Governor Schwarzenegger's child-producing affair.

There could be all sorts of cartoons that would come out of this sad situation, but my inspiration goes a totally different direction than most.
What does the child look like? To be honest, any photos I've ever seen of Schwarzenegger's children have left me scratching my head. They don't seem to favor either of their parents. Maybe Arnold and Maria's distinct looks canceled each other out and produced not-so distinct kids.

I had to wonder what the new child looks like. Hence, the cartoon that accompanies this post. 
Yeah, I know the kid doesn't look like a Mini-Arnie. That's not the point (so don't go getting offended, easily offended people). 

The point is that inspiration can come from something as wretched as the actions of a political celebrity or a piece of toast slathered with Nutella. Don't try to make sense of it, because that would require trying to understand the thought process of an artist.

And there are much more valuable ways to spend your time.


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  2. No entendi el artículo, lo están fregando.Juan Elizondo

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