SEO | Is There any difference between Spam and Social Networking?

 "My answer of course. There is no difference to me – spam and social networking merge into one.

Did someone leave a comment because they wanted to, or because it’s a must do with the social network thing?
Did I get friended on Facebook for friendship’s sake or because we need to network, network, network?
And what the heck is networking anyway?
I can sit here all day clicking on Like and Friend and I honestly don’t believe it will make me a single cent richer or a thought wiser.

Maybe it will make me a better person, but with RSI.

I realise in one single page I have now thrown away any chance of becoming most popular thing of the week, or rising to the top of the shallow friend u like polls – but sometimes, even in this social networking time, if you want to say something…

Just say it.

What did they use to say? Publish and be Damned?

Well OK, Publish and be Unfriended – let’s do it. At least it will cut down on the spam.

Oh. Whoops. Nearly forgot. If you liked this piece then please leave a comment and friend me. I love it really. It was autopilot made me do it."


What is the Difference between Spam and Social Networking?:

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