The Art of Titian at Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Venus Rising from the Sea
"Catch this rare opportunity to see the cream of the Venetian paintings collection of the National Galleries of Scotland, here for the first time ever. Two ravishing pendants by Titian, Diana and Actaeon and Diana and Callisto, make this a must-see for painting lovers.

Acclaimed as the most poetic creations of the Italian Renaissance, these luminous sixteenth-century paintings are the two most significant works by Titian outside of Italy and Spain. Originally painted for King Philip II of Spain, they entered the Bridgewater/Sutherland collection at the end of the eighteenth century and have been on loan to the National Gallery since 1945.
The exhibition also includes Titian's famous Venus Rising From the Sea (formerly a Bridgewater picture) and masterpieces by Lorenzo Lotto, Jacopo Tintoretto, Jacopo Bassano, Paris Bordon, Giovanni Cariani, and Paolo Veronese. A companion exhibition, "Venice on Paper," will present a selection of stunning Venetian drawings by Venetian Renaissance masters."

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