Ai Weiwei a naughty boy

"It seems you can’t really talk about art in China today without bringing up Ai Weiwei.

Even though a Friday panel for the U.S.-China Forum on the Arts and Culture was focused on culture and commerce, China’s most well-known and controversial artist was the dragon in the room.

Mr. Ai “has been a naughty boy,” said artist Liu Xiaodong, to chuckles from the audience. “I’m not kidding. When I first knew him he had nothing, and I had more than him.” Now, of course, Ai makes international news.

“He is an innocent child who loves practical jokes,” Mr. Liu added. Artist Xu Bing’s comment on Ai was even more succinct. “As Liu said, he does not agree with my approach to art. And so my art, Liu’s art, and Ai Weiwei’s art are very different,” Mr. Xu said." 
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