The art of English decorating

The way of English decorating can offer one more than its usual white china and pretty picture frames. This interest has given rise to the popularity of dog portraits that dates back from the Victorian era, according to traditional home magazine. It was known that around 15,000 to 30,000 years ago cave walls already had dog paintings. 

Back then when the royal children were painted by the order of Queen Victoria it also included the painting of their royal dogs. The dogs of Country squires also had portraits and titles. These paintings even had their own space in the family record.

The industry of dog portraits became popular by the end of the 1800s claims this antique store owner. It was not long until almost everyone wanted a portrait of their dog. Great Britain had a population of 20 million to 30 million, and 6 million claimed to be animal painters.

Despite being new to the industry still they are able to sell. For an arts consultant he said that the paintings of these amateurs were appreciated more by collectors. 

Normally the pets in paints would be mixed breed. Portrayals of purebreds are highly collectible, says a New York gallery owner and former director of the dog museum of America. This genre includes a variety of paintings, prints, pastels and watercolors. Obtain further advice on oil painting discount and the subject of paintings.

Collectors where collected a certain breed like that purebred portraits better. Given that it is a society dog, many people are looking for the cavalier King Charles spaniel. Sporting portraits and purebred portraits are prices almost closely to each other.

There are many placed that one can get a portrait of a dog. Collectors can go to various Art galleries, auction houses, private dealers and antique and thrift shops to find great dog portraits. It might not be wise to search in flea markets and garage sales as there may not be much there.

One should learn how to get more information on a piece before you buy it. To get a better idea on what breed you are acquiring always read book like early 19th century breed books which can give you background information.

Research is especially crucial if buying at auction. Normally, buys are left on their own as there is now assurance on the authenticity of the piece. Authenticity is guaranteed through writing by good dealers. Once should never rely on their dealers alone and do their own research as well.


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