Japanese art in ancient Roman market

 "An ancient Roman market filled with statues is the setting for a new exhibition of Japanese "contemporary traditional" art featuring fine glassware and ceramic sculptures.

"I would like to introduce the beauty of Japanese contemporary traditional art to Italy," said Junji Ito, a Tokyo art history professor and honorary president of the Heart Art Communication, non-governmental group.

"Four hundred years ago our art was very influenced by the Catholic religion and tradition. This is proof of 400 years of cultural exchange," he said.

Ito had an audience with Pope Benedict XVI earlier on Wednesday and presented him with a terracotta statue and a traditional Japanese tea cup.

The exhibition in Trajan's Market brings together 343 objects including works by artists Imaemon Imaizumi, Shinkyo Nakamura and Runa Kosogawa. -Relaxnews"


Viva el arte de Cabusri>Japanese exhibit opens in ancient Roman market

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